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Sai Kirpa Faclity Management was founded by professional with over a decade of experience into Facility Management with big and medium sized organizations. We are a fast growing Facility Management company with a focus on delivering quality services across all business vertical or properties where Facility Management is required. We aim at delivering quality, satisfaction and providing superior customer service. We understand the importance and significance of an effective Facility Management and therefore ensure proper planning, implementation, monitoring and controlling of the processes.

We have dedicated team of 1000+ employees whose dedication, commitment and problem solving abilities are the most important asset of our organization. At SKFMS Pvt. Ltd., it has been an on-going effort to bring together the best manpowe talent combined with the best practices and backed with the best available technologies, to help us meet our clients expectations.

Our Vision

To simplify the lives of our clients by providing them absolute services and the commitment to maintain the best quality and environment.

Our Mission

To be Nation's leading facility management organization that provides value based services with a focus on client satisfaction and cost optimize.


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The Facility Management industry has been revolutionised and the competition is ever- growing, therefore, it has become essential for organisations to concentrate on building a competent solution based services model, so as to deliver the best value to their clients. At Sai Kripa Facility Management, we understand the intricacies of the market and the industry, hence, every day we wish to enhance and expand the spectrum of our services - to provide clients with a one-stop solution for all their facility management problems at optimum prices.



Message From Managing Director

She has an industry experience of more than 15 years, She has worked with JLL for almost a decade with her core area as operations, specialty facility management, training and skill development. She has trained more than 7000-both skilled and unskilled manpower. She is an epitome of a business women who thinks that clients satisfaction is directly proportionate to organizational growth.

Shalini Goyal

Managing Director


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